“I am very pleased with the treatment I receive from Dr. Lowe; he is very knowledgeable and pleasant. He has helped me with several different issues: I suffer with chronic vertigo and dizziness, he helped me resolve Shingles within two weeks, I have had bilateral hip replacements, and mostly with overall body well being.”
– Sherri K, 6/20/19

“I was a patient 2008 to 2012 and the treatments were excellent and for the personal connection between Dr.Lowe or even the Reception lady was awesome. I would completely recommend him to anyone. I did with some family members and even my kids. He helped my infant back then that was having a feeding problem of not able to keep Formula down.”
– Jason N., 12/25/18

“I had neck pain for months. After doctors visits and physical therapy I still had no relief. Two weeks at Lowe Chiropractic and I am already feeling 100% better.”
– Rene B., 4/22/18

“Dr. Clayton is a great chiropractor and one of the nicest people you will meet. I have Dr. Clayton for years and I highly recommend him.”
– Ben S., 12/27/17

My 4-month old son would cry for hours, unable to be consoled. My Pediatrician referred us here for Chiropractic care. After three visits, he was happier and slept through the night. I strongly recommend Chiropractic & Acupuncture!
– Emily

My 3-month-old was always constipated. It was so hard to see him suffer and to constantly give him suppositories. After getting adjusted, he is going on his own with no problem. I know he isn’t hurting anymore thanks to you.
– Ashley

During the first few years of my son’s life, he had numerous ear infections. After rounds of antibiotics and a failed set of tubes, I was lost. I finally decided to try chiropractic. After only a few chiropractic visits he has not had a single problem since. I truly appreciate what treatment has been done for my son and my only regret is not seeking chiropractic care long before his first set of tubes.
– Lacy

I had tremendous relief from headache pain from a neck injury within just a few appointments. Dr. Lowe is approachable and knowledgeable, and I appreciate his holistic approach to healing.
– Annie N., 12/19/17

Dr. Lowe was very gentle with my four month old son. I could immediately see relief in his condition.
– Sarah L, 12/6/2017

If you’re looking for a place to bring your infant (or adult) then I recommend him highly! I went in after trying others and his personality and staff are outstanding! Finding someone to adjust your infant is nerve racking. He walked me through every step and my baby girl who cries with anyone but me went straight to him and he was amazing with her!
– Alexis Ellsworth, 12/4/17